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Advantx Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms

There are many different detection systems employed in burglar alarms. 

Perimeter protection provides a means of detection by the installation of shock sensors and contacts at potential points of entry such as doors and windows. 

Internal protection can be achieved by the installation of movement detectors such as PIR's and active InfraRed Beams.

InfraRed beams can also be used as part of perimeter protection and can easily be used to sound a chime feature when movement is detected in a particular zone even when the system is unset.

Personal protection usually consists of panic buttons which can summon Garda response. These buttons can be part of a buildings security system or can be carried as a standalone personal protection device.

Movement detectors such as PIR's provide excellent protection when positioned strategically within a building. High quality detectors employ quad technology which greatly reduces false activations. if you are concerned that your dog or cat may set off the alarm this can be overcome by using a pet tolerant model. Active Infrared beams are designed to protect the interior and the exterior of your premises.

Alarm control and Indicating equipment normally comprises of Control panel, Remote Keypad and standby battery.

Our preferred alarm control panel is hybrid.  This allows greater flexibility to customer as it can use both wired and wireless devices.

A GSM/WiF unit can provide communication to the central monitoring station.

The Remote Keypad is normally fitted at a convenient location for arming and disarming your system.

An app can also be used to control the system.

Advantx Burglar Alarms

The purpose of the standby battery is to keep your alarm system running in the event of a power outage. Your system continually charges the backup battery, but eventually the battery will lose its ability to maintain the system if it is not replaced. 

An aging battery may crack and leak causing corrosion and overheating. In some situations, customers with a weak standby alarm battery may be unable to deactivate the sounders on their system. If the battery in your Intruder alarm system has not been changed for some time, it may be worth considering having it replaced.


Life safety devices can be connected to your security system to give people warning and protection from danger.

Panic or Personal Attack buttons, Smoke, Heat and Carbon monoxide detectors are some of the life safety devices that can be connected to your alarm system.

A Panic Button can be activated to summon help and to notify the Gardaí in a threatening situation.

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