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Advantx Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Two-way voice communication

The Lone Worker / Personal Protection device features an easily recognizable and easy to use SOS button. In times of distress, help can be accessed immediately. Once the button is pressed the handset will send the location to the monitoring center.

One Touch SOS Button

Putting the user in touch with a friendly voice, the device allows clear two-way voice communication via the loudspeaker.

Reminder Messages

Simple messages can be pre-set , helping wearers to remember important medical or social tasks, making it a useful tool for independent daily living.


Status Alerts

The device will alert the user and their care network as to the status of the device. Showing when it is on or off, charged or in need of charging and battery levels. It lets care providers to see when the device is moving or not moving – indicating if the user is at home or out and about.

Location Updates

Allows regular location updates with no intervention by the service user.

Safety Zones

The device gives users and their care network the ability to create Safe Zones to monitor movement in and out of areas at certain times of the day and night.

Fall Sensor

The device has a built in 3-axis accelerometer to sense falls. Upon activation, the device will send out alert information and open an audio call.



The device is a digital telecare solution. Being digital means that it is not reliant on a Wi-Fi or telephone connection as with many other traditional telecare solutions. There will never be a location where the  cloak of care cannot reach

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